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Fatal accident in parking lot shocks Colorado town

When we consider the risks that we all encounter while out in the world, most of us think about the most common hazards that we face. We worry about heart disease and cancer. We consider how to avoid obvious dangers and often avoid high-risk activities. We take precautions to ensure our safety while on Colorado roads to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a fatal accident. However, there are some types of accidents that are simply unavoidable, and when such 'freak accidents' occur, they send shockwaves throughout the community.

A recent tragedy near Grand Junction, Colorado, reminds us that our lives can change in an instant. Police are still working to determine the details of a series of events that led to the sudden and violent death of two individuals. It appears that two people who were standing in the parking area of a County Line trail head were struck and killed by an SUV that left the roadway.

Police believe that the driver of the SUV may have been attempting to maneuver around another vehicle when the driver apparently lost control. The other vehicle was reportedly attempting to make a left turn from a position on the right shoulder of the roadway. When that vehicle entered the path of the SUV, the driver of the SUV attempted to avoid a collision.

The incident remains under investigation, and Colorado police have yet to determine which driver may be responsible for the crash. The families of the two people who were killed in the fatal accident are likely awaiting more information concerning the events that led to their loss. If negligence on the part of either driver played a causal role in this crash, those families may elect to move forward with wrongful death suits against the party deemed responsible.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, "2 dead in freak car crash in skiing parking lot," Jan. 7, 2013

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