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Colorado Springs head-on car accident leaves 4 hospitalized

When a car crash takes place, one of the most disturbing aspects of the incident is the sudden change of events. In some cases, victims have a few heartbeats of time in which to respond. In others, the force of the impact is the first clue that things have deviated from the expected course. Any Colorado resident who has been involved in a serious car accident understands the strange manipulation of time that can take place, whereby some things occur in a flash and others seem to move as if in slow motion.

Four individuals are now in the position of having to go through the initial stages of the aftermath of such an event. A head-on collision involving two vehicles took place on a recent Saturday afternoon in Colorado Springs. Police believe that a Chevy Malibu was travelling eastbound on Constitution Avenue when the driver allowed the car to cross the center line into oncoming traffic.

As a result, a Chevy pickup truck heading westbound was unable to avoid a collision. Two people from each vehicle were rushed to the hospital for emergency medical care. The individuals from the Malibu were reported in unstable and critical condition. Those from the pickup truck were listed in serious condition, but were able to be stabilized.

Colorado police have yet to determine why the driver of the Malibu crossed into the path of oncoming traffic. While there has been no official determination of fault in the matter, the details released thus far indicate that the driver of the Malibu initiated the events that led to the crash. For those who were injured in the car accident, one path toward legal recourse may involve pursuing personal injury suits against that individual.

Source: koaa.com, "Four hospitalized after head-on crash in Colorado Springs," Tony Spehar, Jan. 19, 2013

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